Smartlink Internet Comments

  • Mountain Cablevision Ltd.
    “Implementing Smartlink has more than met our expectations – all the way from great support at implementation to continuing support from RR on an ongoing basis. We are fast closing in on our first year anniversary with RR’s Smartlink module. I am pleased to say that our primary focus – developing controls over the provisioning of our growing Internet access business and over the related inventories – has been met. Even better, we have derived significant benefits in several other areas. We have seen savings through reduced manpower requirements; we respond more directly to customer needs and issues because making changes to customer Internet accounts can now be accomplished by front office CSRs; finally, we have shifted routine account maintenance away from our technical support group, allowing them to focus on true support calls.”
    Pat Kiely
    Director, Business Operations and Development
  • Massillon Cable TV, Inc.
    “Smart Link has greatly improved our customer service by integrating Internet provisioning functions with our billing system. Customer upgrades in service are made quickly and accurately. It’s a real benefit to have complete information available to both CSRs and Technical Support.”
    Bob Gessner
    President & General Manager