Marketing Functionality Comments

  • Sunflower Broadband
    “Finally I can say, “yes” to marketing! The new marketing module can handle almost anything our sales department can think of, and with the ability to offer multiple benefits, even on all ready discounted services, we are looking forward to many successful campaigns.”
    Barbara Jordan
    MIS Manager
  • Mountain Cablevision Ltd.
    “The flexibility of RR’s new Campaign module is an exciting feature that I’m sure our Marketing Department will be putting to good use! The expanded capabilities will provide the necessary tools to track campaign success via revenue generation and customer retention. I believe this new module will be a powerful asset to RR’s customer base as well as Mountain Cablevision’s..what more can we ask for!”
    Sandra Price
    Office Manager

    “Just wanted to take the time to give a BIG THANK YOU to all RR staff who contributed to the “Packaging Module”. Our staff are overjoyed with the simplicity of the program. We are thrilled with how much easier, and faster it is to work with when assisting a customer ….and our customers thank you for the ease of reading their invoice! Special thanks to Suzi and Alan who worked with us on the “service explosion” required to move existing customers with services to newly created package codes. A very successful write when dealing with over 10,000 work orders!”
    Sandra Price
    Manager, Office Administration

  • Intercable CZ
    “The new Marketing Program from RR enables Intercable CZ to create flexible and targeted marketing campaigns with a multitude of options, to help us increase our subscriber base, reduce churn and increase our per subscriber revenue. Virtually any marketing campaign we desire is easily created and fully tracked, providing Intercable CZ the ability to market all our services.”
    Jan van Steeg
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Matav Cable System
    “With 300,000 subscribers, Matav’s challenge is to withstand the serious competition from satellite TV, just launched in Israel last year. Focused and aggressive marketing campaigns will be critical to preserve and grow our subscriber base. The new campaign module from RR enables us to launch multiplex campaigns that are linked to different services within the same campaign. These options enable us to generate additional subscriber revenue by adding content and services, and in doing so, increasing the company’s income. The RR Campaign Module is a great tool to generate new subscribers and conserve existing subs. The flexible and user friendly module gives Matav a powerful marketing tool in a very competitive market.”
    Ron Sharon
    V.P. & C.I.O.