General Comments

  • Buckeye Cablesystem
    “RR delivered what they promised – speed, reliability, support, training, ease-of-use, flexibility, and productivity at a much lower cost per subscriber than the competition. Buckeye Cable takes great pride in providing the best in Customer Service. With the RR System we have purchased a great tool to take Customer Service to even higher levels at a very reasonable cost.”
    W.H. “Chip” Carstensen
    President & General Manager
  • Persona Communications Inc.
    “RR Enterprises knows our business as well as we do. In fact, they are as critical to our success as any asset on our balance sheet.”
    Brendan Paddick
  • TES Media
    “TES and RR Enterprises took on the difficult task of converting TES’s five billing databases that supported 27 cable systems in the Czech Republic. The work was systematically completed under tight time pressure and the difficulties in the Czech language due to the dedication, experience and professionalism of the RR field conversion team and the responsive Toronto-based support staff. As we learn the system step-by-step and begin to benefit from its rich features, our decision to utilize RR Enterprises, Subscriber Management System is consistently and positively re-affirmed. It was a great team effort under extreme conditions.”
    Bob Gardner
    President & CEO
  • Buford Media Group
    “With RR Enterprises Ltd., you get much more than a subscriber management and billing system. Raymond and his staff spent countless hours above and beyond what is normal to make sure that our conversion was completed as accurately and smoothly as possible. Because of our positive experiences and relationship with RR Enterprises in the past, there was no question as to which subscriber management and billing software that we would use in our new company.”
    Kay Monigold
    President & General Manager
  • Massillon Cable TV
    “We are approaching our 10th anniversary with RR and the system just keeps getting better. Despite all our experience, we still find new tools in the RR System to make our Call Center and field operations more efficient. It’s great to have everything integrated into one easy-to-use system. And, anytime we have questions, all we have to do is ask. Typically, medium-sized operators (like us) find it difficult to influence changes to a billing system, but RR’s responsiveness to our needs extends beyond day-to-day questions about the current version of software. RR actively seeks our suggestions during annual Enhancement and User Group Meetings. More importantly, they listen and respond with useful changes that meet our needs.”
    Bob Gessner
    President & General Manager
  • Horizon do Brasil
    “We conducted an exhaustive search for customer care and billing systems that had the functionality, user friendliness and support that is so critical to our new venture in Brazil. RR Enterprises not only met, they surpassed our expectations. The RR System has incredible functionality and has such a high degree of automated features, our staffing requirements are less than anticipated. We are very happy to have chosen RR Enterprises as our Subscriber Management and Billing vendor.”
    David Keefe,
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Sunflower Broadband
    “Over my 27 years in Cable TV Operations, I have worked with a number of billing systems, including all of the big ones. I am continually amazed and impressed with the capabilities that RR has over and above any of the others. The booking program allows us to be as detailed and specific as necessary to manage a large number of technicians with various skill sets across multiple work zones. I am also very happy with the ability to break complex work orders into multiple jobs that can be assigned to as many different people or departments as are necessary to schedule, manage and track a job from order entry through completion.”
    Stephen Schneider
    Director of Technical Operations
  • Marianas Cablevision
    “We are very pleased to be RR Enterprise. first client in the West Pacific. RR’s excellent reputation with European and South American clients helped convince us they could handle all our subscriber management and billing functions for both our cable and Internet businesses. We were impressed with the functionality of the RR System and the ease our CSRs had adapting to the new system. We believe their integrated system will allow us to better position our Internet products with our cable customers and increase our sales and effectiveness.”
    John Cruikshank
  • NPG Cable
    “We investigated several sources for a customer care and billing system that could seamlessly integrate all of our systems in Arizona and California with our new call center in Phoenix. The RR Systems functionality, flexibility, and user friendliness, plus the personal attention they give their customers, were the deciding factors in choosing RR Enterprises. Their significant experience in call center environments and their existing interfaces to Qualcomm and HITS, made it an easy decision to contract with RR Enterprises.”
    Kevin Dekker
    Regional Manager
    “It is very easy to define RR Enterprise’s system and service, COMPLETE SATISFACTION.”
    Ricardo Cardoso, Director MIS
  • Monarch Cable Systems Ltd.
    “Over the past twelve years I am continually surprised yet pleased that the RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System does many things other major vendors are only starting to develop.”
    Janice R. Gillies
    VP & General Manager
  • Matav Cable System
    “Matav switched over to using the RR System in February, 1998 with 266,000 subscribers. The system is good and reliable and has made our work much more efficient.”
    Amit Levin
    President“The Work Order Module allows us to process a tremendous amount of work through just a few screens. Our CSR’s are more efficient than ever before and we have found the many automated features to be a real cost saving benefit to our operation.”
    Itzhak Abramitsky
    VP & Chief Information Officer

  • Westman Communications Group
    “We’ve been using the RR System for 13 years and continue to enjoy the level of service by RR. We also appreciate the fact the product is continually enhanced to keep up with customer demands and changing technologies.”
    Marion Tremblay
    Accounts Administrator/Systems Operator
  • Source Cable & Wireless Ltd.
    “The most comprehensive cable software on the market, and yet the easiest to comprehend! The best of both worlds.”
    Dan Campbell
  • Sun Country Cablevision
    “The RR Enterprises subscriber management system was precisely what we were looking for in our new billing system. It was imperative that the system we chose could interface with our Digital signal supplier HITS. Michelle Grieve, Accounting Manager, reviewed numerous billing software applications and RR Enterprises answered all our needs. said Michael Hall, General Manager of Sun Country. .We determined the RR Enterprises System was a user friendly, cost effective, scalable program, that answered our current and future needs.”
    Mike Hall
    General Manager