Customer Support Comments

    “About the emergency call that we did last week, I want to thank Harold for the help and for the quick answer. The fast solution has been very important for us, in spite off the early hour in the morning, in Canada. It is not only your system that makes the difference, it is also your customer service/support. I want to congratulate RR for the excellent customer support.”
    Ricardo Cardoso
    Director MIS
  • Sunflower Broadband
    “I found the Technical Managers Meeting to be extremely informative and beneficial. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of all the really useful things that RR can do to help us make our technical operations run much smoother. I am returning home with a renewed respect for the capabilities of RR both on the billing system software side and on the customer support side of your organization. I am bringing back a wealth of positive information about RR and am very glad I was able to attend this!”
    Stephen Schneider
    Director of Technical Operations
  • Mountain Cablevision Ltd.
    “The flexibility of RR’s new Campaign module is an exciting feature that I’m sure our Marketing Department will be putting to good use! The expanded capabilities will provide the necessary tools to track campaign success via revenue generation and customer retention. I believe this new module will be a powerful asset to RR’s customer base as well as Mountain Cablevision’s… what more can we ask for!”
    Sandra Price
    Office Manager

    “I really enjoyed this training session. I found it very informative and the smaller class size seemed to encourage more in class communications. With so many different topics covered in the larger user training sessions that don’t always relate to all companies it seems time is not always productive. This training session I found extremely informative and productive. Carole did an excellent job as always and it’s always nice to see the programmers. I feel I always come back to the office with a little more knowledge of the system. I am looking forward to the future system enhancements that will accommodate the industry changes.”
    Julie Woodall
    Work Order Controller

  • Buckeye Cablesystem
    “The Marketing Managers meeting was extremely productive. I liked the fact that it was so interactive. It is invaluable for management to know what can and cannot be done within the system. It is also very helpful to hear what other systems are doing and the issues they are having. Thanks again. I look forward to future Manager’s meetings.”
    Pam Koontz