Support & Training

Enhancement Meetings

RR Enterprises Ltd. listens to our customers! Annually we conduct an enhancement meeting where all customers in attendance discuss the enhancements they would like to see in the software. At the conclusion of the session, the various enhancements are voted on to determine the priority of the enhancements. Each company gets an equal vote.

The prioritised enhancements drive our Research and Development programmers for the following year.

User Meetings

Our annual User’s Meetings are the venue to present the completed enhancements and to thoroughly train the key cable company employees on how to maximise the value of the enhancements. It is mandatory that a representative of the Cable Company attend these very valuable sessions.


The RR System has the most complete documentation in the industry. Comprehensive System Set-Up, CSR Basic Training, Dispatch, Reporting, Marketing, Technical Managers, VoIP telephony and Annual Enhancement Manuals are all available to assist you in realising the full functionality of our System. To maximise the efficiency of your Customer Service Representatives, a complete training Manual geared specifically to the CSRs is also available. All manuals are also available on-line, via our website.

Technical Support

RR Enterprises Ltd. provides emergency technical support to all customers, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The System will automatically generate a telephone call to our offices alerting us of any problems. The majority of problems are rectified without the need to involve your staff. Our support staff are all former Managers at a cable company. They understand your business and the importance of resolving the problem quickly.

In the unlikely event that problems were to occur, the problem is easily and quickly diagnosed and remotely rectified through the IBM System i5 computer by our programming staff.

Presently, RR Enterprises Ltd. staff are available from 8:00AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) through 6:00 PM EST on regular business days, and from 6:00 AM EST until midnight EST on the first and last day of each month. For all other times, our support staff is available for Emergency Technical support via a paging service. Our programmers will respond to all emergency service calls within an hour of their receipt.

Conversion & Training

Unlike all our competitors, we will complete the data conversion and initial training for the Customer Service Representatives on our system within a six-week time period. While this may sound impossible, it is true. Keep in mind that our training is on-going, however your CSRs will have the necessary training to perform their daily tasks prior to the conversion team departing. We encourage you to speak with Mr. Chip Carstensen, President of Buckeye Cablesystem in Ohio. Here is what Mr. Carstensen had to say about our installation:

“RR delivered what they promised – speed, reliability, support, training, ease-of-use, flexibility, and productivity at a much lower cost per subscriber than the competition. Buckeye Cable takes great pride in providing the best in Customer Service. With the RR System we have purchased a great tool to take Customer Service to even higher levels at a very reasonable cost.”

W.H. “Chip” Carstensen
President & General Manager
Buckeye Cablesystem
Toledo, Ohio

Our installation and training procedure has been developed over many years and is the result of hundreds of data conversions and training on our system since our companies founding in 1986. We have experience all over the world and have found our installation and training methods to be the most effective way to install our system.