No other system in the world will provide the depth of information and the complete audit trail capabilities of the RR Enterprises System. A significant advantage of our solution is the high degree of automation throughout the system. Nobody has to initiate the invoicing run, the system will automatically run the End of Day, PAC’s, Post Cash & Journal Vouchers, Charging and Invoicing. The System also automatically runs a self balancing routine, generates the accounting reports, schedules work orders, calculates late charges, sends appropriate accounts to a collection agency and interface with your G/L.

The RR Enterprises Software System performs a Self-Balancing routine for virtually all transactions daily, during the End of Day Process. This results in extremely accurate accounting within the software package. An audit was conducted by several major accounting firms and found this accounting procedure to be very desirable. This degree of accuracy is important when interfacing with the General Ledger or Accounts Payable.

The RR System has complete financial documentation. Due to the complete and thorough audit trail available with our system, your financial managers will find the system extremely helpful in working with financial auditors. The documentation was not written for financial auditors, however they will readily see from the documentation how the system works and the levels of security in the system.

There are three levels of audit trail reporting:

Level One – System Self Balances

Balances of all subscribers at the beginning of the month:

  • Cash Collected Month To Date
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Work Order Adjustments
  • Security Deposits Applied
  • Late Charges
  • Monthly Service Charges
  • Pay Per View
  • Marketing – Campaign Charges

The System will compare Calculated Balances vs. Actual Balances. If the System does not balance, a call will be automatically placed to RR Enterprises and a report will be produced. Unless you are in a Beta test mode for a new release, we have no expectation of this occurring.

Level Two – Reporting Summary

Summary reports are generated

  • Per Division
  • Per Community Code
  • Per Day
  • Per Service

Level Three – Reporting

  • System maintains details of all transactions
  • Detail Listing of All Account Balance Changes
  • Detail Listing of All Account Balance Changes

You will always know what happened to change a subscriber�s balance


The daily end of day procedure is an automated routine that, first and foremost, ensures the safety and integrity of all your data.

It can be started manually, or your System can be set to start at a particular pre-set time. With the exception of approximately four minutes, the CSRs can continue to use the System.

It begins by first checking system activity and then backing?up all system data to tape. After the backup is complete, the data is processed and multiple reports are produced. Here are a few examples:

  • Weekly Service Calls
  • Cash Posting
  • Journal Voucher Posting
  • Charges
  • Disconnect Work Orders
  • Monthly Service Calls Analysis
  • EFT Deposit File & Posting
  • Lockbox Processing
  • Balancing of Accounts
  • Monthly Service Call Analysis
  • Create Invoices for Printing


The monthly procedure is identical to the daily procedure, except that the backup volume used is from a monthly, not a daily cycle. The following are some of the reports generated by the end of month procedure:

  • Summary of Monthly Rental Categories
  • Report of Cancelled Subscribers
  • Security Deposit Activity
  • Unit File Statistics
  • PAY TV Statistics
  • Bulk Service Breakdown
  • Month to Date Change of Services
  • Monthly Account Analysis
  • Summary of Monthly Charges
  • Monthly Cash and Journal Voucher
  • Monthly Batch Control Log
  • Monthly Work Order Analysis
  • Monthy Past Due Report


The End of Year procedure is identical to the monthly procedure, except that the backup volume used is from an annual, not a monthly cycle.

The following are some of the reports generated by the End of Year procedure:

  • Account Balance
  • Aging Report
  • Monthly Transaction
  • Month-To-Date Work Orders

General Ledger Interface

The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System also has the capability of downloading data to other General Ledger and Accounts Payable packages, provided the receiving packages have import capability and the data file specification can be ascertained. The General Ledger download will be monthly while the Accounts Payable download is performed daily for refund checks.