SmartLink Highlights

Online Functionality

On-Line Registrations Process & Creation of Work Order

A fully integrated web page allows the subscriber to sign on to the registration server and enter all required information. The registration server is an integral part of the RR Smartlink billing system, which will create a pending New Install Work Order to install the Internet user as a subscriber. The RR Smartlink system will process the credit card transaction to obtain authorization. If rejected, a message will appear on the registration page. A complete history of work orders will be kept on the billing system. Once the transaction has been accepted, the billing system waits for the registration side to complete the registration process before the completion of the work order and begins the actual account on the billing side. The work order is the only way a subscriber is introduced to our billing system. It is also the only way to remove a subscriber from the billing system. All charges are applied according to the given services, campaigns and rate schedule in effect. This ensures the highest degree of data integrity for auditor’s approval. Subscribers are linked together in a standard format. A registration number will be assigned to the new subscriber on the billing system.

Subscriber Registration with Cable / Internet Provider

When a consumer contacts your Customer Service Department, the Customer Service Representative will, after verifying that this is truly a new subscriber, create a work order indicating the services requested by the subscriber. In doing so RR Smartlink will send a message to the ISP server. The ISP server will apply all the pertinent Internet criteria to its Internal Subscriber Profile. The work order is still in a pending status. The Cable / Internet company will have a technician install the cable modem. At that point, the technician will register the subscriber to the Internet. The work order, only once completed, will assign all the appropriate charges. The subscriber will update the e-mail address through the web page. The subscriber will have an option to either receive his/her invoice through his/her registered e-mail address or via mail. This will be assigned at point of sale by the CSR.

On-line features include registration, subscriber inquiries, service calls, usage inquiries, credit history, and change to services.

Subscriber Inquiry

On-Line Subscriber Inquiry The subscriber inquiry screen will allow the CSR to answer all pertinent questions from one screen. The billing system supports a variety of search options:

  • Name, address
  • Telephone number, spouse name
  • Registration number, credit card number
  • Account number, personal identification number

If a unique match is not found, the system will display a screen listing all subscribers, beginning with the name entered. The correct name can then be selected from the screen even if the person is already a subscriber. The Subscriber Inquiry screen allows the CSR account. (Subscriber credit history, work orders, service calls, inventory, campaigns, previous occupancy, usage, rate schedule and special notes).

Billing Options

Flat Rate, Time or Volume Based Billing

The RR Smartlink System easily accommodates flat rate, usage or volume based billing. For usage based billing, a file is transferred daily by the Internet server to the RR Smartlink System for updating. Monthly, on the subscriber’s anniversary date, RR Smartlink will charge subscribers their usage, based on their rate schedules and their usage quantities. The RR Smartlink System will also allow the subscriber to purchase miscellaneous chargeable items.

Flexibility in Selection of Services

The Internet Service Provider will offer a variety of services. All subscribers will have the choice of service and rate schedules on the billing system. The selected services may be attached to a monthly rental in conjunction with usage tracking. Based on system parameters, the Internet Company will determine which services to track usage. If the subscriber visits the web page only periodically, he may choose an option of a lesser fee and usage. There is a fair amount of customization available for invoice layouts.

Change of Service Web Page

The RR Smartlink System will update any changes to the subscribers personal information, billing address, method of payment, service calls, change of services, Internet options and e-mail addresses within given parameters. If the information is changed regarding the registration information, on either the billing system or Internet Server, a CSB transaction is processed which synchronizes the data on both machines.

On-Line Unit Inquiry

The unit service inquiry allows the CSR to review all the data that the RR Smartlink System has for a particular unit by keying in the address or the tag number. If there is no specific unit on file, the System will display a screen listing of all units. The System maintains a complete separate relational database for the units. All information relating to the unit itself is permanently retained. No data is ever purged. All work orders, all service calls, all special notes, every subscriber who has lived in the unit is permanently retained.

More Features

ON-LINE SERVICE CALLS This will allow the subscriber to enter a service call from an on-line WEB page directly into the billing system. The dispatcher will direct the call to the appropriate technician. The RR SmartLink System allows tracking of all service calls, whether received, transmitted or completed.

ON-LINE TIME or VOLUME USAGE INQUIRY A function where the subscriber can see his usage (time used each session), or a summary for his usage. This information will be updated nightly, after receipt from the Internet Service Provider.

ON-LINE CREDIT HISTORY Will give the subscriber the ability to see his entire credit history and the month-to-day balance.

E-MAIL INVOICING The SmartLink System allows the subscriber’s invoice to be sent to the subscribers email address.

All subscriber’s are informed on how a certain transaction has been processed on their account. A disk file is produced every night with the required invoices. Once the process is completed and the transaction is generated and confirmed, the number of invoices is produced. The registration server then transfers the disk file and splits it up into individual packets by E-mail.

There are three different options available regarding E-mail invoicing:

  1. Invoices over E-mail
  2. A data file is developed that the server can parse, layout and email on their own.
  3. Invoices are sent to a mail server that will email them to the subscribers

ALTERNATE METHOD OF PAYMENTS The subscriber can select from different payment options, by Credit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs) and / or Invoicing. The billing system will produce a list of Credit Card of EFT rejections at the end of each day. The registration server will also inform the subscriber by E-mail that certain transactions were rejected, and for what reasons.

AUTOMATIC AUDIT TRAILS The RR SmartLink billing system offers complete audit trails and aid dispute resolution and displays all transaction detail for accounting purposes.

CONSOLIDATED BILLING The RR SmartLink Internet Module allows the set-up of a Master Account to which an unlimited number of accounts can be linked. This allows the Internet Provider to offer special billing to their employees, whereas a portion of the billing is applied to the Master Account, with the balance charged to the employee.

PARAMETER DRIVEN SYSTEM Parameter – driven system can be configured to meet the needs of any system. All parameters are user defined. The System handles any number of subscribers and/or units, with unlimited history retention for each. All disconnect reasons are permanently recorded.

The System allows any number of company Division and Communities within them, with unique rates and Services for each.


Marketing Campaigns The System completely controls the processing of subscribers who elect to receive different services. It will support both fixed and variable length campaigns, both usage and volume based, in whatever combinations are needed. No matter how complicated it might be, the System will automatically track and report results of any campaign. It will automatically give any customer signing up any current promotion they qualify for, and the CSR does not have to remember any specific code. The System keeps a permanent record of Campaign benefits for each subscriber.

Dealer Commissions

The RR Smartlink System allows the ISP to distribute diskettes to retail offices within serviced areas. Codes for each dealer will be matched with the diskette serial numbers distributed to the dealer. When a subscriber is activated, the diskette serial number will be recorded as used and given credit for the transaction. At the End of Month, all dealer commissions are calculated and reported based on variable commission structures.

24 x 7 Monitoring

The RR Smartlink System monitors all jobs to ensure they are running smoothly. In the case where a problem occurs that prevents a job from running as scheduled, the System will immediately alert the user, via fax or pager, to address the situation.

RR Enterprises Ltd. provides emergency technical support for our software to all customers, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The System will automatically generate a telephone call to our offices alerting us of any problems. The majority of problems are rectified without the need to involve your staff. Our support staff are all former Managers at a cable company. They understand your business and the importance of resolving the problem quickly. In the unlikely event that problems were to occur, the problem is easily and quickly diagnosed and remotely rectified through the Internet, or if down (very unlikely!), through a dial-up modem by our programming staff.

RR Enterprises Ltd. provides emergency technical support for our software to all customers, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

We are proud to present RR Smartlink from RR Enterprises, a state of the art Subscriber Management and Billing Software System developed for the unique requirements of Internet Service Providers. Supported by the RR Enterprises Subscriber Management and Billing System, one of the world’s premier customer care and billing systems, RR Smartlink provides a complete solution for Internet Service Providers.

Highlights of the RR Smartlink system:

  • Automatic registrations process with the creation of work order
  • On-line subscriber inquiry and unit inquiry
  • Flexibility in selection of service
  • Flat rate, volume, or time usage based billing
  • Change of Service Web page
  • On-Line Service Calls
  • On-Line Usage Inquiries
  • On-Line Credit History
  • E-mail Invoicing
  • Alternative methods of payments
  • Automatic Audit Trails
  • Consolidated billing
  • Parameter driven system defined by users
  • Marketing campaigns – Usage or Volume
  • Dealer Commissions automatically calculated
  • 24-Hour Monitoring