Relational Databases

Subscriber Database

The Subscriber Database retains all subscriber information, no matter where they have ever lived on your network, even if the subscriber has cancelled and re-connected years later, with unlimited history. Their entire credit history, all work orders, all service calls, all special notes, every address where the subscriber has ever lived while on your net-work, is permanently retained by the System, nothing is ever purged. If the subscriber relocates and five years later moves back into the area, the System will still know everything about them, no matter where they have ever lived. The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System is the only sys-tem in the world with three parallel relational databases.

Unit Database (Applicable to Cable TV companies)

The Unit Database (Address) retains all information regarding the unit. As is the case for Subscriber inquiries, all information about the unit, no matter who has ever lived in the unit, is permanently retained. Because of these two databases, it is possible to build a database including all apartments in a specific apartment building, whether active or not, without the need to create phantom subscribers, as in competitive systems that only utilize a subscriber database. Our Unit Database ensures a completely accurate address and it is impossible to have multiple subscribers at the same unit. Your unit database will always be extremely accurate. Because of the accuracy of the Unit Database, you can target your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign. Our Unit Database also allows the functionality of our sophisticated Dispatch scheduling tool. When a work order is being created, the System automatically displays the first available date the work can be per-formed. In calculating this date, the System allows for the type of work requested, the time it requires, and the area where it will be done. The areas can be organized by ZIP code, a grid system, by defined levels or telephone exchange numbers. The program can even consider the capabilities of the individual technicians available. With the proper authorization, the date may be overridden.

Inventory Database

The Inventory Database automatically tracks all serialized inventory items, such as cable modems, using customer defined status codes. Unlimited notes can be entered about any item. The System will keep track of all serialized items, from unloading at your warehouse and uploading to the RR Subscriber Management System via bar code scanning if desired, in inventory, in repair, at a subscriber’s house, in the office or in the technician’s trucks. Among other things, this feature permits the use of our unique RR Inventory Locking Feature, where the inventory item is assigned to the subscriber, who must be paying for the services, the services are assigned to the unit, and they are locked together. This prevents the subscriber from receiving services for which they are not paying. The RR System is the only system in the world to offer this feature.