SmartLink Internet Module

RR SmarkLink Internet Module

The RR SmartLink Internet module is a state of the art Subscriber Management and Billing System developed for the unique requirements of Internet Service Providers. Supported by the RR Enterprises Subscriber Management and Billing System, one of the world’s premier customer care and billing systems, SmartLink provides a complete solution for Internet Service Providers. The SmartLink Internet module allows all updates and modifications to subscriber Internet services to be made from within the Subscriber Management System.

LDAP Enabled
Our SMS application is LDAP-enabled. This allows SmartLink, through the use of LDAP directory services, to interface with any LDAP-enabled server applications. Every server that provisions some aspect of your ISP (i.e. DHCP, EMAIL, FTP, RADIUS etc.), that is LDAP-enabled, will interface with our SMS. Every transaction that could possibly update some aspect of provisioning on the SMS, such as a level of service or a creation of a mailbox, updates the LDAP database.

Highlights of the RR SmartLink system:

  • Automatic registrations process with the creation of work order
  • On-line subscriber inquiry and unit inquiry
  • Flexibility in selection of service
  • Direct provisioning of modems
  • Flat rate or usage based billing
  • Change of Service Web page
  • On-Line Service Calls
  • On-Line Usage Inquiries
  • On-Line Credit History
  • E-Mail Invoicing
  • Alternate methods of payments
  • Automatic Audit Trails
  • Consolidated billing
  • Parameter driven system defined by users
  • Marketing campaigns – Usage or Volume
  • Dealer Commissions automatically calculated.

The architecture of our provisioning module allows our customers to simply and quickly add serialised inventory items to the RR System. It is simply a matter of populating a table with the manufacturers class, inventory class, serial number and status code.

Third-party provisioning software is not necessary as the RR System directly provisions Cable modems and set-top boxes.

Updating the LDAP As an example of how the RR System works in concert with an LDAP database, a work order is created for a subscriber that gives them the GOLD cable modem service, 3 email addresses, and 1 static IP address. When the CSR completes the work order, the LDAP database is updated with the subscriber’s GOLD level of service. A reset command is sent to the modem that requires the modem to contact the DHCP server and get all the updated information for its operation from it. When the subscriber’s email addresses are entered, the LDAP server is updated with the subscriber’s email address, password, mailbox size, and other relevant information. An email is also sent to the subscriber to notify them they are now set up. When the subscriber’s static IP address is entered, the LDAP server is updated with that IP address and the MAC address it is attached to. When that modem contacts the DHCP server, it will retrieve the IP address reserved for it.

All the above is managed and controlled, behind the scenes, by the SmartLink system, and is transparent to the user, once the ENTER key is pressed to update the subscriber’s services.

“Smart Link has greatly improved our customer service by integrating Internet provisioning functions with our billing system. Customer upgrades in service are made quickly and accurately. It’s a real benefit to have complete information available to both CSR’s and Technical Support.”

Bob Gessner
President & General Manager
Massillon Cable TV
Massillon, Ohio