Product Training

Training regimen for CSRs, dispatch, supervisors at launch and subsequent hires.

Training is an integral function of our Subscriber Management System. Our extensive training program is an essential component in delivering a quality, well-rounded, user-friendly system. Our goal is to make the systems users’ jobs easier and to improve their productivity. The initial training occurs at the customer site using RR Enterprises Ltd. experienced team of trainers and programmers for the conversion to the system. Our training and installation team will spend a total of four weeks on-site, insuring as smooth a transition as possible to the RR Enterprises system.

Annual Users Meeting

Annually we conduct a complete training session where your personnel will receive an in-depth review of our latest enhancements and features. These include new screens, software enhancements and their advantages to the Cable Company. The individual responsible for the implementation of the cable companies computer system at each site MUST attend all yearly training sessions.

Additional topic specific training sessions are conducted periodically throughout the year.

Annual Enhancement Meetings

RR Enterprises Ltd. listens to our customers! Annually we conduct an enhancement meeting where all customers in attendance discuss the enhancements they would like to see in the software. At the conclusion of the session, the various enhancements are voted on to determine the priority of the enhancements. Each company gets an equal vote.

The prioritised enhancements drive our Research and Development programmers for the following year.