RR Enterprises Announces Data Mediation Program

RR Enterprises Announces Data Mediation Program

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, January 14, 2010: RR Enterprises Ltd., one of the world’s leading Customer Care and Billing software providers, announced today the availability of the RR Enterprises’ enhanced Data Mediation Program.  The new program collects and aggregates usage information from multiple AMA soft switch usage files. This data serves as input to the mediation platform, which then feeds the information to downstream applications to update subscriber billing and interconnection files. The new program also provides technical network analysis and data analysis capabilities for two new management reconciliation reports.

Raymond Reichert, President of RR Enterprises said, “we developed the mediation platform with input from our customer base but with special attention paid to the needs of our large Telco customers. The mediation program is especially important for operators with multiple switches. And all of our customers will benefit from the new program which was built to Telco grade.”

About RR Enterprises Ltd.
RR Enterprises is a leading subscriber management and billing solution for video, voice and Internet service providers over cable TV, Telco, wireless and satellite networks. Established in 1986, our worldwide customer base enjoys unequalled personalized service, one of the cornerstones of our business. Our truly functional system is highly automated and very user friendly and flexible. Our unique software architecture provides numerous features only available with the RR System. Already available in eight languages, new languages are easily added in about eight weeks.

The RR Enterprises System is operating in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada, and internationally in Europe, the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean

For Details, Contact:

Raymond Reichert
RR Enterprises Ltd.

Phone             (905) 855-7750
Email: raymondr@rrenterprises.on.ca

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