Subscriber Self-Care

Subscriber Self-Care is an easy way for your subscribers to access their account information from the convenience of their home or office PC with online, real-time access to product and service offers linked to the RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System. Subscribers have 24×7 access to account information, products, services and promotions. Essentially, cable companies can provide subscribers with much of the same information available to CSRs. Cable companies will have the benefit of reducing costly call centre interaction with subscribers. Each cable company will have the ability to customize the look and feel of the screens that their subscribers will view.

Here are some of the on-line subscriber self-care functionalities your cable company will be able to offer their subscribers.

Change of Service Web Page – The RR System will update any changes to the subscribers personal information, billing address, method of payment, service calls, change of services, Internet options and email addresses within given parameters. On-Line Service Calls – This will allow the subscriber to enter a service call from an on-line WEB page. The same service call will be accessible on the IBM iSeries Server. The dispatcher will direct the call to the appropriate technician. The RR System allows tracking of all service calls, whether received, transmitted or completed.

On-Line Credit History – Will give the subscriber the ability to see his entire credit history, all his invoices and the month-to-day balance.

Alternate Methods of Payment – The subscriber can select from different payment options, by Credit Card, Pre-Authorized Checking or Invoicing.

E-Mail Invoicing – The RR System allows the subscriber’s invoice to be sent to the subscribers email address.

The Subscriber Self-service web page is designed to allow the cable company to easily customise the look and feel of the web-page to coordinate with the cable company’s website.