Describe the platform report writing capability and adaptability and real-time updates to the software?

There are literally hundreds of reports available with our system. The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System has the capability to run reports directly from the menus. We have structured our reports either to retract information from the subscriber database or the unit database. We also give the opportunity to produce reports from the Work Order and Service Call menus. Quite a few of the current reports that are available for selection are also run as part of either your End of Day and/or End of Month.

Reports are formatted by RR Enterprises, yet the user has the option of selecting the criteria that may be used in the presentation. There is a multitude of reports on demand such as accounting reports, technical, marketing, sales, statistics, subscriber listing, unit listings, etc.

The end of day reports will support your accounting performance and will also include control reports. The system will inform you if data were manipulated or entered incorrectly; i.e. two work orders at one unit, the write off amount was either added or removed to sub update, payments received on collection accounts, final notice removals.

Your end of month reports will confirm accounting entries, technical performance, campaign statistics, standards, sales, network dues, and much more.

There is a multitude of options as to how to extract or subset the information desired. You have the ability to create, sort and print reports as per the selection criteria entered by the user.

All day-to-day work on the System is done on-line with immediate updates.

What about custom reports?

If the user requires a report not included in our standard suite of reports, or a report needs to be modified, all our clients can custom format reports relating to any data elements they desire.

The Subscriber Listing Report program allows you to easily extract any subscriber data, in any format you desire. Ad hoc reports can also be easily created using Query/400 (SQL) in a real-time, on-line fashion. Output can be custom formatted for any hard copy, screen, or tape method, in both graphical and text modes.

How can the reports be segmented for the various departments within our organization?

Levels have been introduced to our software package to permit a user to define the set-up in printing reports. The System allows the creation of seven levels, the top level being the MSO and the bottom level is the Community (town name). Each departmental request is accommodated once the reporting levels have been determined.

Marketing may request a level by marketing area, the Technical Dept. may want reports by Headend and the Accounting Dept. will require reports by franchise or license area and system totals. Printing of these reports will be directed within set parameters