What components of the applications and report software will be language specific? What languages are available with your system?

The System is designed to handle virtually any language. Presently, languages supported include Czech, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and the unique right to left Semitic languages, Arabic and Hebrew. The Customer chooses either uni-lingual or multi-lingual operation during set-up. If multi-lingual is chosen, a CSR can switch between any of the installed languages at will, while on any screen, by using a single command key. The appropriate language screen can also be triggered automatically by individual subscriber profile, if multi-lingual CSR’s are employed.

The RR software is language specific by users, by subscriber’s and/ or by system. The end of day, end of month and end of year reports are system language specifics and the reports on demand are user specific.

Future language additions are easily done in about six weeks. The software is structured such that the screens and reports are separate entities from the programs. This means no programs have to be altered to add new languages. The proper screen and report files are merely translated idiomatically and added to the system.