Decentralized Operations

Do you have the capability of handling unlimited head-ends coordinated through a central call-in center?

Yes, we have customers with as many as 400 head-ends, all handled by one central location.

RR Enterprises specializes in this type of system architecture. As a matter of fact, we have several customers that cover hundreds of cities in a vast area with a number of remote offices, all connected to the main sites iSeries computer.

The method of connection is varied. As many ways there is to remotely connect to the iSeries, we have customers doing it. The most economical way for the remote offices is to connect to the iSeries via the Internet.

Can you generate work orders and service calls from a central office, which can be printed in outlying offices?

Yes. The system will automatically e-mail or fax Work Orders and Service calls to remote technicians. A third-party software, Keyesmail & Keyesfax, is required.

The RR Enterprises System also includes an interface to the Qualcomm System. This provides direct dispatching, via satellite, of work orders and service calls to remote field technicians. The technician can complete a work order or service call from the terminal in the service vehicle. The technician can also enter payments with full accountability.

Inventory Accuracy

The System has complete control of inventory when work orders and service calls are completed. Inventory items no longer have to go out in the field pre-programmed. Once the work order or service call is completed, the inventory item will receive an activation signal within three seconds. In this manner the technician will still be at the subscriber’s home and will know immediately if there is a problem with the item.

Forward and Return Messaging

The System also has a messaging system that enables the technician to transmit messages to the dispatcher as well as receive messages from the dispatcher. The messaging system also works sending and receiving from technician to technician.