Addressable Interfaces

Is Pay-Per-View available?

RR Enterprises has developed a standard interface that allows any PPV, ARU (Automated Response Unit) provider or addressable vendor to interface to the Subscriber Management System quickly and easily. In fact, Pay – Per – View is now available for 23 hours and 55 minutes per day. ANI (Automatic Number Identification) or Caller ID can be used for PPV ordering or screen access to the subscriber account. Additional hardware and software may be needed if ANI will be used to access a subscriber’s account. Impulse Pay – Per – View (IPPV) and addressable Taps are supported.

Digital Interface

RR Enterprises is a leader in interfacing to digital addressable equipment. Our system was the first to interface with General Instrument’s digital addressable equipment. Presently, interfaces have been written for numerous vendors. Additional interfaces can be easily added in approximately two weeks after receipt of the specifications.

Video-on-Demand (VOD)

Several interfaces have already been created to the leading vendors of VOD products. A new interface to a VOD vendor will take approximately 6 weeks of programming.

Head-End-In-The-Sky (H.I.T.S.)

The RR Enterprises software was the first SMS vendor to successfully interface to Head End In The Sky (HITS). HITS provides cable operators with digital services, a deeper range of multimedia services and value added features to offer the subscriber.

HITS digital cable uses powerful digital compression technology to squeeze as many as 12 digitally encoded video services into the space of a single 6MHz analogue channel. What about ARU Interfaces? The System connects to any addressable pay per view system, or automatic response unit, such as Impulse and can support any number of daily and/or simultaneous events. It will handle PPV by event number and clear the event number after the event, and is not affected by transaction spikes. It has addressable interfaces capable of controlling multiple Head-ends using different addressable makes from a central office. It will do Near-Video-On-Demand and handle Multiple ARU applications. The unique RR Inventory Locking feature prevents unauthorized reception of PPV services.