What interface options are available to major accounting platforms?

The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System has the capability of interfacing and downloading data to a general ledger package, providing data file specifications can be ascertained and the General Ledger has import and export capabilities. The interface and download can be completed during the conversion, but not implemented until the customer has used the RR Enterprises’ Subscriber Management System for the processing of 3 month-ends. This allows a period of time for the accounting personal to become familiar with and confident in the accuracy of the reports that are generated from the Subscriber Management System. The users have to confirm with RR that this will be part of the original package.

How will the system handle the issuing of credit/debit notes, if required?

The System easily handles both debits and credits through the use of Journal Vouchers. Every transaction involving either cash-in or cash-out must be entered in the system creating a full audit trail. The System will also automatically calculate credits due subscribers for cancellation of service, returned security deposits etc., with the amount fully prorated. The cash and journal voucher input procedures are based on the standard accounting features of batching and batch totals. The System uses a sophisticated batch accounting method, which supports on-line input and has full editing capabilities.

The System allows multiple batches to be in use at any given time. This allows the user to enter cash, cheques, journal vouchers, or other types of payments any time during the day.

Payments and Journal Vouchers can be easily applied to the subscribers account directly from the Subscriber Inquiry screen. The Journal and Cash batches are automatically created by the CSR’s. A receipt will be automatically generated for every cash entry.

What about Collection reports and systems?

The RR System has a sophisticated collection program, which provides a method of tracking subscriber information as subscribers are put into collection. It automatically sends information to selected collection agencies, monitors collection activities and updates collection agencies with subsequent subscriber information, i.e. payments made, inventory items returned etc.

What accounting reports are available?

The reports available from the RR Enterprises System are extensive. The System automatically generates literally hundreds of reports. The following are some examples:


The daily end-of-day procedure is an automated routine that, first and foremost, ensures the safety and integrity of all your data.

It can be started manually, or your System can be set to start at a particular pre-set time. With the exception of approximately four minutes, the CSR’s can continue to use the System.

It begins by first checking system activity and then backing-up all system data to tape. After the backup is complete, the data is processed and multiple reports are produced. Here are a few examples:

  • Weekly Service Calls
  • Cash Posting
  • Journal Voucher Posting
  • Charges
  • Disconnect Work Orders
  • Monthly Service Call Analysis
  • EFT Deposit File & Posting
  • Lockbox processing
  • Balancing of Accounts
  • Monthly Service Call Analysis
  • Create Invoices for Printing


The monthly procedure is identical to the daily procedure, except that the backup volume used is from a monthly, not a daily cycle. The following are some of the reports generated by the end of month procedure:

Summary of Monthly Rental Categories:

  • Report of Cancelled Subscribers
  • Security Deposit Activity
  • Unit File Statistics
  • PAY TV Statistics
  • Bulk Service Breakdown
  • Month to Date Change of Services
  • Monthly Account Analysis
  • Summary of Monthly Charges
  • Monthly Cash & Journal Voucher
  • Monthly Batch Control Log
  • Monthly Work Order Analysis
  • Monthly Past Due Report
  • Analysis


The End of Year procedure is identical to the monthly procedure, except that the backup volume used is from an annual, not a monthly cycle. The following are some of the reports generated by the End of Year procedure:

  • Account Balance
  • Ageing Report
  • Monthly Transactions
  • Month-To-Date Work Orders

How do you handle different or multiple tax rates?

The RR System is installed all over the world. Because of the extreme flexibility of the System, combined with a significant amount of programming, we have been able to accommodate any tax structure, no matter how convoluted and complex the tax structure was, without the need of any additional programming. The tax calculation program in our system is extremely large yet flexible. The system will accommodate up to nine different taxes.