Accessing Database Information

How will my CSR’s access the subscriber information?

CSR’s can reach the subscriber data screen many ways, depending on what information is available: from the subscriber’s full or partial name, spouses name, address, telephone number, account number, tag number, inventory item s/n, credit card number, drivers license or other ID’s, even from a special billing name or address. If a unique match is not found, the System will display a screen, listing all subscribers, beginning with the name entered. The correct name can then be selected from the screen if in fact the person is already a subscriber.

What information about the subscriber is shown on the main subscriber inquiry screen?

The Subscriber Inquiry Screen contains information pertaining to the subscriber’s name and address, home and business phone number, charge day, last rental date, last invoice date and amount, last payment date, the current balance, monthly rental charge the Division, the Community, billing code, first date on the system, current start date, last work order and service call number and date as well as all the services the subscriber is currently receiving.

All other information about the subscriber is one click of a mouse away.

With ‘one click of a mouse’, the following is available directly from the subscriber inquiry screen with full detail and history; channel line up, payments, PPV, smart notes, billing address, method of payments, inventory, subscriber profile, campaigns, rate schedules, residence history, outages, work orders and service calls, telephone log, security deposits, residence history, final notice notes, credit history, EFTs & credit cards, Internet usage, special billing address, method of payment, campaigns, etc.

How easy is the system to use for Customer Service Representatives?

CSR’s absolutely love our system! From the main subscriber display, there is literally no question the subscriber can ask that cannot be answered by the CSR with at most one more keystroke of a command key. There are no special codes for the CSR to memorize to move from screen to screen. This allows the Customer Service Representative to quickly review all the data the system maintains for each subscriber, while the subscriber is on the phone. Your CSR’s will never again have to put a subscriber on hold to check the archives it’s ALL on-line and instantly available.


From the Subscriber Inquiry screen your CSRs will be able to answer any question from a subscriber with, at most, one click of a mouse!

Immediate, multiple screen activation across services

Our unique software architecture provides unparalleled user friendliness and error free operation. Our leading edge software architecture enables your CSRs to answer any question from a subscriber, with at most, one additional click of a mouse. Never again will your CSR’s have to page through multiple screens to find the information they require. Your CSR response time and customer service will dramatically improve. Utilizing a ‘hub and spoke’ architecture, the CSRs can move out from the main subscriber or unit display and retrieve any information, create work orders and service calls, take payments, look at the credit history and much more, simply by clicking on the appropriate command key. Subscriber response time is greatly improved.


From the Subscriber Inquiry Screen, CSRs can access any of the above information with at most, one more click of a mouse.

The More Info (F24) function key brings the CSR to the following areas:

A = Rate Schedules
B = Campaigns
C = PAC History
D = Credit Card History
F = Residence History
G = Internet Options
H = Contract Detail
K = Post Dated Cheque
L = Pay Per View Log
M = Service Summary
T = Telephone System
X = Final Notice Add.
V=VOD Purchase History
W = PPV Inquiry
Y = PPV Purchase History


The Subscriber Inquiry screen has a Special Notes tab that is illuminated telling the CSR there are notes about the subscriber they should view while speaking to the subscriber. The note will display the message as well as who made the note and when it was made.

The fact Inventory Display is illuminated tells the CSR this subscriber has a serialised inventory item. By clicking on the tab the CSR will see all inventory in the subscriber’s possession, and the services on each. Refreshing the box, exchanging an inventory item, looking at the history of each inventory item and the returning of inventory is all right there for the CSR, it could not be simpler.

To what level does the system automate procedures?

No other SMS vendor in the world offers a system as automated as the RR System. Without any human intervention, the RR System automatically self balances every evening, the only SMS system in the world that can claim this ability. Additionally, the System will automatically process the following: End of Day, Automatic Processing of Pac’s, Posts Cash and Journal Vouchers, Charging, Invoicing, Accounting Reports, Late Charges, Scheduling of Work Orders, Automatic faxing of Work Orders, Marketing Letters and Interfacing with your General Ledger. There is no need for a dedicated computer operator to oversee our system, as the built-in automation is unsurpassed in the world. All that is required is for a back-up DVD or tape to be inserted each evening.

Will the system accommodate Automatic Number Identification?

A telephone system interface allows the use of ANI (Automatic Number Identification, Caller ID), to automatically bring the subscriber’s information to the screen on the CSR’s terminal, when the subscriber calls from their home or business number. This assumes your telephone company offers this functionality. Additional hardware is required for this feature.