General Information

RR Enterprises Ltd. is a Toronto based, Canadian Company, which has been serving the requirements of the Multichannel Video industry since 1986. We are a young, dynamic company with a highly motivated group of senior level programmer analysts. The company employs only the most senior level programmers and trainers, with many years of experience in the cable industry.

We continue to grow, due to our reputation for truly functional software and a commitment to customer service that is second to none in our industry.

Our company is well known for our flexibility, our responsiveness to our customer’s needs and requests, and our total commitment to customer service. Our Subscriber Management and Billing System is one of the largest software programs in the world, in excess of 7 million lines of programming code.

Our unique solution is operating in numerous locations throughout Canada and the United States and in several countries around the globe. RR SmartLink is our full service Internet subscriber management module and in April 2005 we introduced the RR VoIP Telephony module, providing a totally integrated ‘Triple Play’ Subscriber Management System for our customer base.

Multiple Languages – The System is designed to handle virtually any language. Presently, languages supported include Czech, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and the unique right to left Semitic languages, Arabic and Hebrew. The Customer chooses either uni-lingual or multi-lingual operation during set-up. If multi-lingual is chosen, a CSR can switch between any of the installed languages at will, while on any screen, by using a single command key. The appropriate language screen can also be triggered automatically by individual subscriber profile, if multi-lingual CSR’s are employed.

The RR software is language specific by users, by subscriber’s and/ or by system. The end of day, end of month and end of year reports are system language specifics and the reports on demand are user specific.

Future language additions are easily done in about six weeks. The software is structured such that the screens and reports are separate entities from the programs. This means no programs have to be altered to add new languages. The proper screen and report files are merely translated idiomatically and added to the system.

Personalized service is one of the cornerstones of our business, a critical factor when choosing a subscriber management and billing system. We received our highest rating from our international customers. What is the physical capacity of your software in terms of number of subscribers and/or units? The RR Software will handle an unlimited number of subscribers or addresses. With our system, this is strictly a function of the IBM System i5 hardware configuration, the computer platform for the RR Enterprises Subscriber Management Software.

What is the computer platform for your software? The platform for the RR Enterprises’ System is the highly scalable IBM System i5 from IBM. The IBM System i5 is the premier business server for companies that value integration, simplified use and support for the widest choice of business applications on a single server. It is designed to integrate the latest operating systems and technologies, tested to work together, while simultaneously masking complexity. The IBM System i5 is the leading computer in the world for database management, and is extremely reliable, with an uptime of 99.96%. No dedicated computer operator is necessary, all that is required is for a DVD or tape to be inserted for the nightly back-ups.

The IBM System i5 configuration is scalable to any company size using key parameters, such as; the number of subscribers, growth of the subscriber data base, number of locations (both central and remote), addressability and addressable vendors, Pay-Per-View (PPV), Audio Response Units (ARU), Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and the number of terminals and printers at each location.

IBM System i5 Model 520 IBM System i5 Model 550

As an authorized IBM Business Partner, RR Enterprises will provide a detailed configuration for an IBM System i5, based on the above variables.

Hosting Option If you prefer, RR Enterprises can host any North American cable operator’s database on one of our servers. Your staff will all access the RR System and your totally secure database via the Internet. RR Enterprises will load all IBM and RR releases and updates and will also perform the nightly back-up of your data. There is a monthly service charge for our hosting option. RR Enterprises is proud of our software applications designation by IBM of having attained ‘IBM Server Proven’ status.

IBM server proven

How does your system handle back-ups? Our system gives the option of automatic, unattended back-up at a predetermined time (usually in the early morning hours), or manually initiated back-up, if desired. It will prompt for the proper tape for the next back-up at a preset time during the day so that one can simply go home after work and forget about the back-up. The length of time required for back-ups varies with the day’s activities, but your CSR can continue to work uninterrupted, as the system does not go down to run end-of-day routines and back-up.

What is the Operating System? The operating system is the IBM OS/400, the programming code is RPG400 ILE and the database is DB/400. The RR Enterprises software resides on a server, the IBM System i5, which has its own operating system. It does not matter to RR Enterprises what peripheral hardware is chosen, or what operating system, or the structure of the LAN network, or the ARU�s or API’s. Whatever operating system you choose, Windows 2000, Windows NT etc. or hardware peripherals such as PC’s or printers, all will interface with our system. The actual code of the RR software, our engine, resides on the IBM System i5 because it has the capacity to handle the 7 Million lines of code in the RR System.

Where will my data be stored? Your customer database and other company information will be stored on your computer in your office. You do not have to call us to access the information. You will not require any personnel with specialized knowledge of the IBM System i5. All that is required is for a back-up DVD or tape to be inserted each evening.

What is the cost for future enhancements? All future enhancements and updates are included in the initial software license fee. There are normally two releases per year.

What are your support hours? RR Enterprises Ltd. Support staff are available from 7:00AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) through 8:00 PM EST on regular business days, and from 6:00 AM EST until midnight EST on the first and last day of each month. For all other times, our support staff is available via a paging service.

RR Enterprises Ltd. provides emergency technical support to all customers, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The System will automatically generate a telephone call to our offices alerting us of any problems. The majority of problems are rectified without the need to involve your staff. Our support staff are all former Managers at a cable company. They understand your business and the importance of resolving the problem quickly.

In the unlikely event that problems were to occur, the problem is easily and quickly diagnosed and remotely rectified through the IBM System i5 computer by our programming staff.

What documentation is available to users? The RR System has complete documentation available. Comprehensive System Set-Up, Dispatch, Reports and Annual Enhancement Manuals are available to assist you in realising the full functionality of our System. To maximise the efficiency of your Customer Service Representatives, a complete training Manual geared specifically to the CSR’s is also available. All manuals are available on-line for easy reference.

Can I customize your system to suit our company’s requirements? The RR Enterprises System utilizes tables and constants to control many aspects of your system. You will have the ability to customise your system to suit your needs and demands. Each constant carries a specific value; consequently a particular action will occur. Our highly experienced trainers will review all tables and constants with the cable company to determine your preferences in the set-up. The System will also accept a list of values for each available table. An example is Disconnect Reasons. The Customer Service Representative will not be allowed to create a work order without a true value unless the table validates it. The tables and constants allow the user to customise their system.