The following is a partial list of our customers, should you want to check our references. Our customers are our greatest advertisement and we urge you to call any of them to see how they feel about the RR System. You will find our customers not only believe the RR System fulfills all their requirements, they also will tell you of the professionalism of our conversion team and the outstanding service we provide.

Buckeye Cablesystem
Toledo, Ohio
Phone Number: 419-724-9802
Contact: Chip Carstensen
Title: President

Persona Communications
St. John’s, Newfoundland
Phone Number: 709-754-3775
Contact: David Powers
Title: Manager of Credit & Corporate Data Service

Massillon Cable TV
Massillon, Ohio
Phone Number: 330-833-5509
Contact: Robert Gessner
Title: President

TV Cable
Bogota, Colombia
Phone Number: 571-650-0300
Contact: Roy Burstin
Title: President

Westman Communications
Brandon, Manitoba
Phone Number: 204-725-4300
Contact:David Baxter
Title: President

Sunflower Broadband
Lawrence, Kansas
Phone Number: 785-832-6302
Contact: Patrick Knorr
Title: General Manager

NPG Cablevision
St. Joseph,Missouri
Phone Number: 816-273-0224
Contact: Bill Severn
Title: Vice President – Cable TV

Cabo TV Madeierense
Funchal, Portugal
Phone Number: 351-291-700-800
Contact: Ricardo Cardoso
Title: General Manager

Buford Media Group
Tyler, Texas
Phone Number: 903-561-4411
Contact: Kay Monigold
Title: COO

Mountain Cable
Hamilton, Ontario
Phone Number: 905-667-7415
Contact: Pat Kiely
Title: Director, Business Ops