Company Information

Company Overview

RR Enterprises Ltd. is a Toronto based, Canadian Company, which has been serving the requirements of the Multichannel Video industry since 1986. We are a young, dynamic company with a highly motivated group of senior level programmer analysts. The company employs only the most senior level programmers and trainers, with many years of experience in the cable industry.

We continue to grow, due to our reputation for truly functional software and a commitment to customer service that is second to none in our industry.

Our company is well known for our flexibility, our responsiveness to our customer’s needs and requests, and our total commitment to customer service. Our Subscriber Management and Billing System is one of the largest software programs in our industry, in excess of 7 million lines of programming code.

Our unique solution is operating in numerous locations throughout Canada and the United States and in several countries around the globe. RR SmartLink is our full service Internet subscriber management module and in April 2005 we introduced the RR VoIP Telephony module, providing a totally integrated “Triple Play” Subscriber Management System for our customer base.

Available in multiple languages, including Czech, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and the unique right to left Semitic languages, Arabic and Hebrew.

The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System is unique in many ways.

  • Unique software architecture
    The only subscriber management system that allows CSRs to answer any question from a subscriber with just one click of a mouse! Never again will your CSRs need to page through multiple screens to find an answer.
  • A Total Solution
    The RR System is in excess of 7 Million lines of programming code, providing significant functionality to all our customers. All customers will receive our entire software solution, including Customer Care, Charging, Invoicing, Payments, Collection, Order Processing, Accounting, Work Order Scheduling & Tracking, Service Call Scheduling & Tracking, Hardware & Software Provisioning, Pay-Per-View, Video-On-Demand, Marketing Campaigns, Packaging, Serialized Inventory Control & Management, Telemarketing, Commissions, Customer Self Care and Full Reporting capability including Financial, Operational, Marketing & Custom Reports
  • Automated Features
    The most automated SMS system in the world! Automatically performs the following; End of Day, PACs, Posts Cash & Journal Vouchers, Charging, Invoicing, Accounting Reports, Late Charges, Schedules Work Orders, Automatic faxing of Work Orders to Technicians, Marketing Letters, Interface to G/L and much more!
  • Highly Flexible
    The RR System is extremely flexible. Supporting new services and providing unparalleled capabilities in the development of campaigns and packages to help you sell those services is a significant strength of the RR System.
  • Three Databases
    The only system in the world with three, parallel, relational databases, a Subscriber, Unit (Service Address) and Inventory. The subscriber’s entire history, all work orders, all service calls, their entire credit history, everything is permanently retained, no matter where they have ever lived on your system. Same for the unit, all work orders, service calls, inventory items etc., no matter who has ever lived in the unit!
  • Marketing Campaigns
    The RR Enterprises Marketing program provides total flexibility in the handling of marketing campaigns and packages, enabling you to tailor a marketing campaign that is just right for your targeted subscriber group. There is a multitude of selection criteria available.
  • Subscriber Self-care Total subscriber self-care functionality including
    • Secured access to allow subscribers Web self-care capabilities.
    • On-Line Viewing of the subscribers account information
    • View current invoice with limited access to historical data.
    • Pay invoices on-line
    • Add services to their account
    • Request a service call
    • View on-line campaigns
    • View marketing information